Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Acai Berry An Awesome Health Advantages

   The acai berries are acquired by a plant called acai palm whichever mostly arise in Central & South America. The acai berries have a dimension that is roughly equivalent to grapes; these fruits have a dark blue color. The fruits are well thought-out to be the mainly nutritious ones initiate in the entire of Amazon region. There are a lot of acai berry health advantages & not many of them are on hand in this essay. allow us have a glance at acai berry juice advantages from side to side the following paragraphs.

Advantages of Acai Berry Juice

The information associate to acai berry juice advantages is accommodate through the paragraphs below.

    * The acai juice is supposed to have antioxidants & it may also contain cancer-fighting properties. The 'Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity' (ORAC) of acai berries is about three times superior than so as to of blueberries.
    * Major companies make business the juice of acai berry for reduce weight benefits.
    * The acai juice advantages are though, not just limited to the presence of antioxidants. The juice is also recognized to hold other phyto-nutrients, phenolics & anthocyanins.
    * The fruits of acai palm are rich in vit. B content. The additional nutrients here in this fruit are minerals, proteins & omega-3 fatty acids.
    * The minerals that are found in acai berry include potassium ,copper and manganese.

Delay of Aging Process

   The antioxidants are acknowledged to act on free radicals & defend the body from too much wear & tear. The wear & tear result from free radicals is in charge for aging. The utilize of acai berry juice in the diet on a regular basis can therefore, slowdown this procedure.


The phytonutrients specific as anthocyanins are helpful in counteract the free radical which cause damaged to the body. Acai berries as announced earlier, be full of high amount of anthocyanin. Heart diseases can be prohibited if sufficient amounts of anthocyanins are given to the body. The helpfulness of these phytonutrients can be understood very well from the case of French citizens. The utilization of grapes (which contain anthocyanin) in the French inhabitants is higher than the neighboring countries. Whereas the populace by Denmark & Britain suffer from heart diseases resulting from high intake of caffein, nicotine, etc. the French do not suffer much troubles.